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10th, April, 2019
IDEAS CAD Services

Computer Aided Design Services are extensively used in the metal cutting industry for the creation of 2D drawings and 3D models. This eliminates the Dependency on a Cad draftsman. Cad professionals are fully upgraded and leverage the cutting-edge technology. Professionals use cad drawing and model to see all aspects of the requirement and fix the problems and timely deliver the quality product.

Cad Services

CAD services provide you access to a highly flexible resource that integrates with your business and puts you in full control of the workflow also allows you to manage peaks and troughs in workflow more cost-effectively.

Why CAD Services?

The mechanical industry requires mechanical CAD services for its designs for better understanding and for informed decision making. Mechanical CAD services play a crucial role in understanding mechanical designs of various industries such as Aerospace & defense industry, automobile industry and many more. The 3D drafting of machine parts is required for manufacturing units for having detailed information about the 3 dimensional (3D) precision of the product.

Segment of CAD services:


1. CAD Conversion Services

This is quite a broad category which covers multiple tasks including 2D drawing to CAD conversion and image to CAD conversion with exact precision. Any company who sells itself as a CAD conversion company should, therefore, be able to convert almost any CAD file to any other type of CAD file.

2. CAD Drafting Services

CAD software is used to make a variety of drafting techniques more efficient, and so allows us to bring ideas from concept to completion more quickly. The CAD Room offers an outsourced CAD drafting service by a team of experts who are competent in use of CAD software and have experience in traditional drafting techniques as well.

When we are talking about CAD drafting, it is important to remember that there are two types: 2D and 3D. 2D CAD allows users to create basic 2-dimensional forms that are usually used as the basis for much more complex projects. 3D drafting is preferred these days as it is seen as more accurately representing real-life objects.

Global Cad outsourcing projects

Popular cad projects which customer want to outsource for improving productivity, saving time and cost.

  • 2D to 3D CAD conversion
  • Image to CAD conversion
  • PDF to CAD conversion & Ballooning
  • Concept to CAD conversion
  • Reverse engineering
  • GA (General arrangement) Drawing
  • PMI (Product manufacturing information) drawing
  • Casting model & machining Model
  • SPM Design and modification
  • Fixture Design
  • Manufacturing drawing
  • TPD (Technical Data Package)
  • STP file to 2D drawing & parametric 3d model conversion

Secured Data Transfer

Cad services companies are use secured FTP for data transfer. FTP is a key component for engineering workflows to upload and transfer large Cad files, documents for approval throughout a design project. As completed files can be quite large and we can easily uploaded and stored on the FTP server after project completion. We can use the files for future reference, which can be easily downloaded from the server.

Quality certificate boost your Cad services approach globally

The prime Cad services companies are ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D certified. It reinforces company’s commitment to continually meet and exceed customer expectations and drive continuous process improvements, for Aerospace & Defense, customer. It is also a clear demonstration of companies desire to always perform at the highest level of quality and efficiency, It will enhanced client satisfaction, faster decision-making, and increased business process efficiency.

Benefits of Engineering/CAD Services Outsourcing:

  • Provide access of resource pool for variable capacity requirements with no risk and low cost
  • Increase top-line while maintaining low product cost and offer competitive pricing of their products
  • Provide access to engage resources which are not available in the specific geography
  • Leverage inhouse resources for core/high-end engineering developments
  • Leverage outsourcing partner’s capabilities for industry best practices

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