5th, June, 2020

Detail engineering is the study of every aspect of a project in project development before the project construction starts. Starting withconceptual design, in which we deal with engineering drawings followed by collecting all the ideas to finalise a concept into a workable system,focusing on affordable, well efficient designs with clarity. And finallyaddressingimportant aspects like BoM, specifications,cost estimation etc which satisfy the requirements of the project in accordance with the finalised design.

Detail engineering includes Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and Basic Engineering as steps towards project development to decide and finalise the entire workflow from start to the end before project construction.

  • Basic Engineering: – In basic engineering,a rough design (can be engineering drawing) is generated with respect to the project requirements and client expectations.
  • FEED (Front End Engineering Design):- After completing the conceptual design and project feasibility, next is to focus on technical issues and approximate total investment cost for the project. It is also known as FEED package.

FEED package must include the client’s objective and project-specific requirements.


ROLE OF A CAD ENGINEER: –The CAD engineer creates a3D model which is the reflection of aproject on CADinterface,starting from the very first step of designing which focuses on the efficiency of the project with design concepts and then, its analysis on various factors (stress, strain, thermal resisting capability etc).After finalizing the 3Dmodel, BoMcan be easily generated with all the specifications of the parts and their materials.

The best suitable 3d model can be easily generated by a CAD engineer within a small time interval, in a flexible environment satisfying client’s requirements.


COVID-19 has created an environment in which everyone is forced to stay at home and the traditionaloffice working culture has transitioned towards work from home. In the currentsituation, detail engineering acts as a tool that allows us to work and collaborate with clients domestically and internationallyat any environment even from home. Thereby providing employee satisfaction through an opportunity to balancework and personal life without affecting the company’s revenue stream.

All the related drawings and model geometry can be easily accessed through remote access software, VPNs, and centralized vaults like PDM. Further, new CAD softwares are introduced which provide a cloud option for data storage with easy access.

Detail engineering adds value for all thosecompanies dealingwith CAD at situations like COVID 19,as it can be carried out with accuracy and efficiently irrespective of environment. Hence,with these technologies, one can easily enjoyflexibly even whileworking from their home. As a result,we can observe an increase in efficiency and employee satisfactionwithworkand personal life going hand in hand.

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